Exceptionnal Transport and Wide Load Transport Services

The company is ready to go anywhere when called.

Let us care of your transport needs. More and more, the replacement of equipment, especially heavy machinery, is subject to several laws and regulations. M.H. Gendron Transport Ltd. knows and respects them all.

Permits, insurance and escorts are our responsability. With our professional coordination, unparalleled punctuality, meeting deadlines with as little intermediaries as possible will allow you to reduce costs and avoid any repercussions caused by delays.

All our vehicules have on board radio-transmitters so that we can keep track of where your equipment is located at any given time.

Drop Deck Trailers, Float Trailers...

We have a full fleet of tractors, trailers, drop decks, floats as well as tilt and load trucks wich are operated by drivers experienced in transporting special materials. For example: very long parts or material with unusual demensions can be transported on a steering dooly.

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Exceptionnal Transport and Wide Load Transport Services. Drop Deck Trailers, Float Trailers.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada