Industrial Rigging

A strong point of the compagny: effective operations.

When it comes time to operate with precision, efficiency and rapidity, Gendron Rigging Ltd. is always ready.

For any commercial moving, displacement or heavy industrial machinery intallation projects, including exhibition halls or plants transfert, our specialized team and equipment can get the job done for you at any time, day or night, seven days a week.

Even on short notice, a technical representative and/or engineer is available to evaluate the operations. Whether you need lifters, lift systems (for limited access areas), tilt and load trucks, tractors or equipment trucks, we have a vast array of vehicules available at a moment's choice.

In certain cases, we ca even provide storage and handling equipment that is fully insured at all times. Of courses, everything is adaptable to the specific needs of our clients.

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Industrial Rigging. Commercial Moving, Displacement or Heavy Industrial Machinery Intallation.
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