The strength of the company: lifting and crane rental.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can meet all of your needs at anytime, whether it's a matter of urgency or not, for just a few hours or an extended period of time, with or without operators.

All our cranes meet the CSA requirements and ACNOR Z-150 codes and include all the security equipment necessary. We provide all the adapted accessories such as: man baskets, containers, cages, buckets, spreader beams and adjustable spreader beams. Certain cranes with railway adapters are also available. During the thaw period, Maurice Gendron Cranes Ltd. can meet specific requests with the use of our specialized dolly equipment.

Our equipment park is inspected and maintained on a regular basis by our own certified mechanics to keep the equipment in top working order. Upon request, we can also do mechanical, hydraulic, welding or other repairs for you.

Lifting Plans and Engineer's Report

Our crane operators are experts in their field and have up-to-date training. Before operations begin we can provide you an engineer's report as well as a lifting plan, whenever necessary.

Maurice Gendron Cranes Ltd., Montréal (operated and non-operated crane rental) meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard (Certification).
License RBQ: 2177-1282-12

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