Crane rentals and lifting equipment

For each crane and boom truck, we provided all the adapted accessories such as: man baskets, pop-trailers , containers, cages, buckets, spreader beams and adjustable spreader beams. During the thaw period Maurice Gendron Cranes Ltd. can meet specific requests with the use of our specialized dolly equipment.

Specifications (S), and load charts (C) are available on this website for your information. You must always contact us before having any decision.

Boom truck (BT) rentals

  • 14 tons: Tractor boom truck fifthwheel National 656B (C)
  • 14.5 tons: articulated boom truck Fassi F145.23 (S&C)
  • 17 tons: Boom truck National 875B (S&C)
  • 18 tons: Boom truck fifthweel Tadano M-1882 (S&C)
  • 22 tons: Boom truck Manitex 2284 (S&C)
  • 25 tons: Boom truck National 900 (S&C)    
  • 25 tons: Boom truck National 990 (S&C)    
  • 25 tons: Boom truck Manitex 2592 (S&C    
  • 25 tons: Boom truck Terex Stinger RO-4792C (S&C)    
  • 26 tons: Boom truck National 900 A (S&C)
  • 30 tons: Rear mount boom truck Manitex 30102WL (S&C)    

Hydraulic truck crane(TC) rentals

  • 35 tons: Hydraulic truck crane Grove TMS 300 (S&C)       
  • 45 tons: Hydraulic truck crane Grove TMS 700B (S&C)    
  • 45 tons: Hydraulic truck crane Grove TMS 745E (S&C)

All terrain crane (AT) rentals

  • 65 tons: All terrain Liebherr LT1055 (S&C)
  • 80 tons: All terrain Grove AT 880 (S, C)       
  • 120 tons: All terrain Krupp KMK5100 (S&C)             
  • 165 tons: All terrain Demag AC335 (S&C)
  • 175 tons: All terrain Krupp 5175 (S&C)
  • 180 tons: All terrain Demag AC435 (S&C)
  • 200 tons: All terrain Demag AC180 (S&C)
  • 220 tons: All terrain Demag AC200 (S&C)
  • 250 tons: All terrain Grove GMK 6250L (S&C)
  • 350 tons: All terrain Grove GMK 6350 (S&C)
  • 400 tons: All terrain Liebherr LTM1300/1 (S&C)                

Industrial cranes rentals

  • 10 tons: Grove AP410 (S, C)

Pickers (RT) rentals

  • 20 tons: Picker Grove RT518 (S,C)       
  • 35 tons: Picker Grove RT65S (S, C)
  • 40 tons: Picker Grove RT740B (S&C)
  • 60 tons: Picker Grove RT760E (S&C)

Other Equipment

  • Under-bridge access platform of 43ft long.(S&C)        

Contact us for more information.


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